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Methodology for solving issues of technical and flight operation of aircraft based on modern technologies
Mauletkazy M.M. 2, Karsybaev E.E. 1

1. Supervisor – Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor of the department "Organization of air transportation and logistics" Civil Aviation Academy
2. 1st year masters student of the Academy of Civil Aviation Almaty, Kazakhstan


Air transport is one of the main components of the transport infrastructure of the modern world, its civilization and the most important link in a single global transport system. The main goal of the entire work of the aviation transport system of civil aviation in Kazakhstan is to meet the needs of citizens and the economy in the provision of services for the implementation of air transportation and the performance of aviation work. Despite the global dilemma of Covid-19 and socio-political changes around the world, there is a rapid integration of the Kazakhstan and the world air transport system. On the one hand, in recent years, the volume of international traffic carried out by Kazakh airlines has significantly increased, on the other hand, the intensity of air traffic on international routes passing through Kazakhstan has significantly increased. In this state of affairs, the Civil Aviation (CA) of our country is entrusted with the most important tasks related, first of all, to building a modern system of state regulation of the industry, improving the regulatory support for the efficient flight and technical operation of aircraft (AC). The fact that the GA has a powerful production base, large scientific institutions both in our country and in neighboring countries with a wide network of repair and pilot plants undoubtedly contributes to the successful solution of the assigned tasks. The Civil Aviation Administration employs a large detachment of qualified specialists, and the system of training, certification and advanced training of personnel is clearly in place. A special role in accelerating the scientific and technological progress of civil aviation and creating a methodology for solving issues of technical and flight operation of aircraft based on modern technologies is occupied by the System for the technical operation of aviation equipment, the main purpose of which is to maintain (maintain) the airworthiness of the aircraft throughout the entire life cycle, as well as creation of conditions for effective use for its intended purpose. At present, the effective technical operation of aviation equipment is no longer possible without scientific research, the use of modern maintenance and repair strategies and programs, methods for managing the efficiency of production processes, methods and tools for diagnostics and control. New increased requirements in the field of flight safety complicate the design of aircraft, necessitate the introduction of new and improved on-board and ground equipment, which increases labor costs for troubleshooting complex on-board systems, and this significantly affects the regularity of flights. In a situation associated with the urgent need for a rapid growth in the volume of air transportation and other types of work associated with the use of air transport in the national economy, the increasing role of civil aviation in the transport system of the Republic of Kazakhstan, at the same time, the figure of aviation technology and its technological application processes, issues of improving technical and flight operation of aircraft on the basis of modern technologies, every possible increase in the efficiency of air transport production and the ability to operate it economically competently are of particular relevance.

Ключевые слова: civil aviation, methodology, modern technologies and means, technical operation, flight operation.

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Mauletkazy M.M., Karsybaev E.E. Methodology for solving issues of technical and flight operation of aircraft based on modern technologies // Международный научно-общественный журнал "DOGMA". – 2022. – № 2(20);
URL: journaldogma.esrae.ru/20-349 (дата обращения: 26.05.2022).

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